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GUAIYI AERO, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shanghai is the first aerospace service provider certified by AS9100. With continued innovations and developments, we have become a leading aerospace high-tech enterprise in China providing services including product sales, technical consulting, engineering service, aircraft development
GUAYI AERO has been well recognized by the most renowned aerospace customer in China because of the excellent and efficient services we provide. In addition, we are a company that is market and customer-oriented with a company culture that emphasize the importance od passion, professionalism, responsibility and innovation. Discovering and retain talents is the foundation of our development strategy. We have been actively involved in significant civil aircraft development programs including ARJ21、C919、MA60、MA600、MA700、AG600、AC311A, AC31 etc.

    With our professional teams and the expertise of top-ranking experts home and aboard, GUANYI AERO is capable of providing versatile engineering service and technical consultancy services catering to  specific customer needs. We have rich international resource and established a high-end, solid international network of collaboration: we have signed multiple strategic cooperation agreements with more than 20 well-known European and American aviation companies including ZODIAC AEROSPACE、POTEZ、ASSYSTEM、JCB AERO、ST GROUP、JDA、OMNICON etc.

With the booming Chinese aerospace industry, GUAYI AERO will be passionate and dedicated as always, to explore market potential of aviation industry.  We will seize the opportunity and overcome potential challenges, to write a new chapter for Chinese aviation industry.

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