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Vibration and Noise Insulation Products

Brief introduction: SMACSONIC is a star product of SMAC, a company under  MONTBLANC group in Europe, and it is wildly applied on various airplanes of Airbus, Boeing, Dassault such as A350、B787、Business Jet A320、Dassault’s full range of business jet and MA60 comma. GUANYI AERO is SMAC’s exclusive agent in China.  

Application:SMACSONIC can be applied on aircraft skins, door panels, floors, kitchens, crew rest area, etc. It can reduce the noise by at least 5 dB and it life with the aircraft.

Product Form: The slandered material is square sheet cut by water, cutter or cutting machine; we can also offer pre-cut finished pieces.

a cut the size needed
b clean the mounting surface
c install and roll to compact/compact manually ; placing it for 72h



Brief Introduction: SMACMOUNT of SMAC can be applied to areas including aviation, aerospace, national defense, car racing and other high-end fields. SMAC has a complete SMACMOUNT manual of standard products which provides the opportunity for you to make a selection according to your needs. In addition, SMACMOUNT can be customized according to specific needs.
Product Form: standard & custom-made




Brief introduction: SMACWRAP can be applied to composite materials, it can greatly increase the Composite Materials’ damping effect and decrease noise and vibration significantly.

EWIS component
EWIS component, GUANYI AERO’s main product, has a full range which covers all the needs of EWIS: wire, cable bundle sleeveing/shielding, connector, tail attachment (metal and composite material), wall pieces, clamps, electrical boxes, etc. All products have long been applied to various types of aircraft in Boeing, Airbus and other well-known OEM manufactures.

Open-ended cable glands               Spiral + shield casing                               Last annex

Wall pieces                               Clamps                            Lashing band

Heat Shrink Tubing
Interior Products
Interior Products of GUANYI AERO are mature products that have been widely applied abroad. Such products include reading lights, artificial leather, tuyere, support facilities, sanitary appliances, furniture, etc.

Reading lights


Artificial leather


Cabin Systems
  Cabin entertainment system, Cabin management system, Cabin broadcasting system.

Cabin entertainment system

Cabin management system

Avionic System
Avionic System of GUANYI AERO are mature products applied abroad, including ADS-B, video surveillance & real-time transmission system and avionics.

ADS-B system equipment


Video Surveillance

Fluid Transfer Line
Slat slide sleeve drains, E-E cabin equipment drains.

Product introductions:

1 Slat slide sleeve drains: During the flight, the drain can drain off the water accumulated in the slide sleeve timely to avoid water freezing in case of  ultra-low temperature conditions at high altitude which can then results in serious accidents such as slat mechanism failure and damage of tanks. The drain has been applied to all types of Airbus, and it has the same DSG as the aircraft.

2 E-E cabin equipment drains: The drain can drain off the water accumulated in the equipment rack timely to avoid water erosion of equipment and rack.

Cockpit and Cabin Shade
Manufacturer: VISION SYSTEM in France. The shade is wildly used in first-class cabin, business cabin and cockpit of business jets and large aircraft. GUANYI AERO is the exclusive agent of VISION SYSTEM in China.

Product introductions:

1 Pilot Sun Protections is a cockpit shade products, preventing irradiation from all direction to avoid pilot’s sight being interferred and driving activities affected.


2 Nuance, Eclipse, Noctis applied to passenger cabin can adjust light transmittance so that the passengers can have a comfortable light environment in any light condition. The light transmittance adjustment can be done by passengers at their seat and can also be done by the crew from the control panel.


GUANYI AERO has a wide selection of aerospace fasteners that are mature products widely applied abroad on multiple Boeing or Airbus aircraft.


Cockpit bulkheads and doors
Vision System, a partner of GUANYI AERO, has extensive experience in design and manufacture of Cockpit bulkheads & doors, and undertakes the manufacturing task of Cockpit bulkheads and doors.

Electrical Connection
GUANYI AERO is exclusive agent designated by Zodiac, the Icore band is widely used in automobile, switch, motor control center, high voltage power generation, the national power grid, telecom base station, transmission equipment, railway system, fuel cell vehicle power connection big current connection, battery powered forklift, airport power application and military power applications, Icore product is keep doing innovation, with the first-class design and creative ability, provides the high quality, meets the customer's needs contact solutions.

Aviation Section Bar

Roll-Bending method uses metal sheets as material and utilizes forming rollers to bend the material into specific shapes. It is a plastic bending method, only the section of the curve part participates the bending process, not the straight part of the material.


Advantages of Roll Bending

   Roll-bending is a multi-step process, in the start of the process, a lot of materials participate in the processing to achieve smaller bending radius, increase the bending limits of the materials.
   From the start of the process to the finish, we use high accuracy equipments and moulds to achieve high quality, accuracy, consistency and efficiency
   Roll-bending uses cold process to achieve high densification, less damage and better fatigue characteristics
   Roll-bending products have been widely used on aircrafts, it is proven that it has high accuracy and great performance, fully meets the requirement of aircrafts.

Product Applications

   Aircraft Manufacture
   Automobile Manufacture
   Construction Material
Tungsten alloys

  Tungsten Based High Density Alloys
Advantages: *High Density
*Good mechanical proerties
*High absorption capacity against x &γ rays
*Harmless to health and environment
*Balancing Weight
*Protection shields for nuclear radiation
*Ball core, the ball link, the shrapnel, the armor etc.
*Substitution material for Uranium
*Electroheat upsetting anvil block
*High voltage electrical contact
*Electrodes for resistance welding
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