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Engineering Service
GUANYI AERO has developed a strong expertise in aerospace engineering with a professional team and experts all over the world. We aim to provide solutions to our customer’s engineering problems by delivering flexible and diverse engineering service such as whole work package, subcontracting, in-house design, and short/mid/long-term consultancy.
Structure Design
   Primary / Secondary Structure Design

   Aircraft Structure Design

   Composite Material Structure Design

   Aircraft Structure Weight Reduction and Optimization

GUANYI AERO has strong expertise and rich resources in structure engineering. With a former Chief Structure Engineer at Airbus as our technical director, the team has been involved in projects such as fuselage collaborative design for C919, structure design consulting for MA700 and etc.

Stress Analysis
    Stress Targets Setting

   Fatigue Calculation, Aircraft Life Extension

   Damage Tolerance Calculation and Analysis

Our stress analysis includes static stress, dynamic stress and fatigue and we have rich experience in targets setting, fatigue calculation, durability analysis during detail definition phase and certification phase
Cabin Door Design and Manufacture
   Design of All Doors on Aircraft

   Door Optimization

   Subcontracting of Door Manufacturing

GUANYI AERO invites some world-leading door designers onboard and has developed technical advantage in door design and optimization and currently our stair-intergrated-door design is quite advanced in China.

Landing Gear and Nacelle Design
   Landing Gear Design and Manufacturing

   Design for landing Gears Cables and Tube Protection

   Design of Nacelle Structure and Layout

Our company is capable of delivering landing gear structure design consultancy and undertaking work package of landing gear tube design. Previously our partner has provided Airbus aircrafts with design solutions and products.

Cockpit Design and Human Factor Analysis
   Cockpit Design

   Human Factor Design

The rationality and user-friendliness of cockpit equipment layout has always been one of our development areas of cockpit design. Besides, our team has well completed the cockpit design optimization for AC311, which has drastically improved the design from an ergonomics perspective.

Cabin Noise Reduction and Insulation
   Cabin Vibration and Noise Analysis

   Consultancy on the Usage of Vibration Reduction and Noise Insulation Products

We have established a long-term cooperation with SMAC who has delivered noise reduction service for B787, A380. Additionally, we are able to customize different vibration reduction and noise insulation solutions based on the analysis of noise and vibration according to structure.

EWIS Design
   EWIS Overall Design

   Landing Gear EWIS design

   Guidance on the Selection of EWIS Components

As a leading EWIS designer in China, GUANYI AERO has the expertise from our team of top-ranking EWIS engineers as well as some inputs from world leading EWIS experts. We also have  close partnership with EWIS component design manufactures around the world, aiming to develop a comprehensive EWIS design team. So far, we have been actively involved in the EWIS design of TA700 and MA700. Our company will cater to your needs and provide services in a way that suits Chinese market.

Cabin Interior Design and Manufacture
   Cabin Interior Design

   Business Cabin Interior Design

   Cabin Entertainment System Design

   Subcontracting of Cabin Interior System Manufacturing

When it comes to interior design of the cabin, making our customers feel at home has always been our priority concern.  We are actively supported by various solutions provided by leading experts around the world. Many of them have been involved in the interior design project of A350, A360,A380,B787 and therefore their diverse interior design experience will also become valuable lessons for us.

RAMS consultancy
    RAMS training consultancy

    RAMS analysis
The professor of French University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has been appointed by GUANYI AERO as the consultant on RAMS analysis and difference analysis. After a systematic assessment of a specific aircrafts feature, he will be providing design guidance on RAMS consideration in a variety of system from top level.

Flight Test, Airworthiness & Certificate
   Consultancy on Flight Test, Airworthiness and Certification

   Consultancy on the Manufacturer Marketing

   Training on Manufacturing Customer Service

   Consultancy on Air Lines Operation

GUAYI AERO has established strategic cooperation with JDA (established by former president of FAA). Customer will be provided with comprehensive and professional support by FAA expertise Our customer can also get professional guidance from sales directors and operation officers of various manufactures and airlines. We are ready to deliver solutions to all your issues during all phases of flight test and airworthiness certification.

  Training on a Variety of Disciplines

   Aircraft Systems Consulting by Experts around the World

   System Design Guidance

GUANYI AERO has strong professional resources. On our team we have the former FAA auditor, DER of various disciplines, former chief engineer of A400, chief engineer of A350, chief engineer of B787, chief engineer in Embraer, ATR chief officer and etc, covering the disciplines including structure, composite, stress, system, avionics, interior, RAMS, flight test, airworthiness, customer service and etc. So far we have provided 27 experts for MA700 project, committed to facilitate the development of civil aviation industry.
General Aviation Development
  General Aviation Design and Development

   Overall Design for General Aviation

   Design and Consultancy for General Aircraft System 

GUANYI AERO, with unremitting efforts in the development and assembly of general aviation, is devoted to the development and promotion of general aviation. We are ready to join hands with you to write a new chapter in the history of general aviation in China.

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